At Soter Vineyards the Journey extends the Impression

Continuing to Celebrate Oregon Wine Month with an Introduction to Soter Vineyards.

One of the first things that you notice when arriving at Soter Winery is a wonderful sense of hospitality. Guests are often greeted by staff with a welcome glass of wine in hand.

The Soters Return Home to Oregon

Tony and Michelle Soter both grew up in Oregon, and after a long career in Napa they returned to their home state to start a new chapter of their lives and a new winery, Soter Vineyards. In the mid-1980s, Tony Soter began working as a consulting winemaker in the Napa Valley, assisting leaders in the wine industry such as, Shafer, Niebaum-Coppola and Araujo to name a few. Tony secured deeper roots in Napa when he started his own winery “Etude” in 1982. With “Etude” Tony began to focus on Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. At “Etude” he strived for memorable distinction and authentic craftsmanship. After years of working with Napa Valley’s most respected winemakers and growers, Tony concluded his consulting roles. In the fall 2006, Soter moved from a managerial role at “Etude” to an consulting position, allowing him to focus his attention on Soter Vineyards and getting his family settled in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Soter Vineyards is nestled on a hill top with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside

Mineral Springs Ranch, the Soter’s sole Estate vineyard today, is a 240-acre woodland and grazing land situated in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Home to 30 acres of Pinot Noir originally planted in 2002, two acres of Chardonnay were added in 2006. These Chardonnay acres are dedicated entirely to method champenoise sparkling wine production. Just east of the charming town of Carlton, Mineral Springs Ranch is nestled on a hill top with magnificent views overlooking the surrounding Yamhill-Carlton countryside. Soter Vineyard’s production facilities and hospitality buildings are located on the property making it a true wine tasting destination.

As an avid gardener myself I instantly became enamored with the Estate’s Garden

Sustainability is a mission at MSR

More than just Vineyards, Mineral Springs Ranch (MRS) is a Biodynamic Farm that sits on 240 Acres which incorporates vegetables, herbs, fruit, bees, chickens, sheep, pigs, cats, dogs and more. Mineral Springs Ranch is insecticide and persistent herbicide free to protect the natural flora and fauna in the vineyard and the nearby watersheds.
The Mineral Springs vineyard is L.I.V.E. (Low Impact Viticulture and Enology) certified, a process in which certain practices are outlawed and certain others are mandatory, all in an effort to create the healthiest vines possible. Sustainability is a mission at Soter Vineyards.

The Small Private Tasting Cabin

At Soter Vineyards what I loved about the visit was not just the wines and memorizing views, but that they truly make the wine tasting a personal experience. Groups get a private tasting with one of the tasting room staff, either in the main building or in one of the two private cabins.

A Private Tasting in the small cabin

Our wine tasting was combined another group of three, and took place in the smaller private cabin. It was an inviting setting which allowed you to feel comfortable about asking those extra questions about the wine your were tasting. It is a more intimate wine tasting experience which both an experienced wine professional and those new to wine tasting can appreciate. This is how wine tasting should be, personal, relaxed, and in an welcoming place where you are able to fully appreciate the wines in a gorgeous setting and a wine expert to help guide you.

Let the tasting begin!

North Valley 2018 Pinot Noir Rosé

The one thing that I noticed about certain wines that I tasted during our trip to Willamette Valley was the slight evident note of Sea Salt in some wines. This was a surprise to me but once I learned the history of the land it made more sense. Western Oregon was on the floor of the Pacific Ocean until about about 12 million years ago. Then before that under the sea for 35 million years marine sediment was slowly accumulating in layers forming what would become a bedrock of the oldest soil in the Willamette Valley.

I felt a little bit of soil history was necessary to help characterize Soter’s Rose. Of all is the wines I tasted in the Willamette Valley, this Rosé had the most pleasant sea salt taste. For me this wine had an amazing sense of place. Both on the nose and palette you get a bright and lovely blend of sun kissed wild strawberries, and cooked bursting open cranberries. Creamy with that sprinkle of sea salt on the tongue, I loved the slight hint of white peach and blink of tartness. This was a smooth and elegant Rosé that enticed me enough to purchase a bottle to enjoy this Summer.

North Valley 2017 Reserve Chardonnay

Spending time in new french oak, previously used oak, and stainless steel, this Chardonnay benefits from the added layers, and transformed layers. When I tasted this Chardonnay I thought, “okay, this wine has a story to tell.” Crisp summer florals and strong apple aromas did not prepare me for the first sip. I thought with the oak storage that I would get more of the classic richer Chardonnay, but this wine drank smooth and light with an amazing clean finish. The fruit flavor can only be described as golden summer fruit, sun ripened golden apple and light skinned peaches, slightly over ripe. Floating citrus blossoms linger on the tongue, with just a hush of the oak flavor. Soter calls this wine “The finest expression of the Vintage” and I would absolutely agree.

The depth of color in Soter Winery’s Pinot Noir wines is spectacular!

Origin Series 2016 Yamhill-Carlton Pinot Noir

Six month barrel aged, this Pinot Noir is impressively fruit forward with a burst of light Rainier Cherries and wet slate aroma. Each sip introduces a beautiful darker Cherry flavor wrapped in layers of wild mint and peppery minerals with a soft tannin finish. Overall a wonderfully balanced Oregon Pinot Noir that represents a nice introduction to the Soter Pinot Noir flight.

“These wines are a reflection of the intention to convey place as an essential character in everything we make.” Soter Vineyards

Mineral Springs Ranch 2016 Pinot Noir

This Mineral Springs Ranch 2016 Pinot Noir is a Flagship blend of all of the 5 clones of Pinot grapes. Pleasantly sharper on the nose with a deep dark blackberries and the delicate profuse clear-blue flowers, the Arp of a Rosemary plant. This Pinot Noir is deeper than the 2016 Yamhill-Carlton with a light pepper cola flavor, and a long mineral driven finish. Light, dry and rich with delicate tannins this Pinot Noir delivered a gentle punch. Extraordinary well rounded, this wine was a definite contender of my favorite sip of the Tasting.

This Mineral Springs 2015 White Label Pinot Noir is Velvet in a glass.

Mineral Springs 2015 White Label Pinot Noir

Tony Soter calls the Mineral Springs 2015 White Label Pinot Noir his “Career Wine” and rightfully so. Only 600 cases were produced of this Mystery Heirloom Clone Pinot Noir Vine that was acquired in California in the late 80’s. The grapes of this mystery clone were planted in acreage that has the most sunlight, and the grapes produce a thicker skin. More stress is put on the grapes in this location, but in this case it is a good thing since this Pinot Noir is not bottled every year. As soon as I smelled the first aromas of this wine, my mind automatically thought how amazing this Pinot Noir would be with a Filet Mignon and sauted mushrooms. Lower in acidity, but still amazingly structured, the deep color of this wine is a nod to the notes of dried herb, fresh rain soil, and cardamon soaked cherries. One sip of this wine and you are propelled into a late summer day with dark ripe fruits ready for the taking and firm spicy tannins that leave full jammy layers on your tongue. At $100 a bottle this wine is a little on the pricey side but the tannin structure also leads to this being a good wine to store for future enjoyment.

A wine tasting flight like this is reason enough to visit Soter Vineyards.

Soter Vineyards tasting room is open to the public by advanced appointment only, and it is a wonderful experience to try their extraordinary wines and the stunning natural beauty atop Mineral Springs Ranch.

The MSR Classic Tasting allows you to enjoy a sampling of current release wines in a seated, semi-private format guided by a hospitality specialists. They keep the groups small to ensure an intimate and informative experience and the tastings usually last around 45 minutes. Cost is $30 per person, refundable with purchase. This Classic Tasting is availability 7 days a week by advance appointment.

Homemade Raviolis being prepared for the Provisions Tasting

The MSR Provisions Tasting is a culinary tasting experience focused on the art of food and wine pairing. While sampling Soter Winery current release wines, their chef will serve you small plates and delicious bites crafted from the produce and meat grown on their biodynamic farm. The Provision Tasting is availability, Friday – Monday with advance appointment, the cost is $100 per person.

A visit to the Carlton area of the Willamette Valley would not be complete without a tasting at the beautiful Soter Vineyards and Mineral Springs Ranch. You will need to contact the winery to schedule your reservation. Call 503-662-5600 for your reservation. Visit to learn more about this Oregon Winery.

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