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Drink In Life Blog began in January of 2018, as a way to share stories and photos about founder Elaine Luxton’s Wine, Food and Travel discoveries and adventures. Elaine is a Professional Travel and Commercial Photographer and writes freelance about wine, spirits, food, and travel. Elaine resides in the stunning State of Washington and she continually explore its wonder, drinking in all that nature has to offer. Through every new view she experiences, whether in the mountains, forests, coastlines, or the Palouse, Elaine envisions brilliant backdrops that she can use to facilitate her mission as a story teller.

Having completed WSET Level 3, American Wine Expert, and Oregon Wine Expert Certified, Elaine has a passion for wine that is fueled by the very accessible and award-winning Pacific Northwest wines, as well as the vast selection of national and international wines that find their way into her tasting glass. She embraces the experience and knowledge gained from traveling to global wine regions, and other spectacular destinations specifically selected to share with my readers and clients. She is strongly committed to introducing her audience to new discoveries whether they be wine, travel or food related in a way that is both unique and informative.

Be it a vineyard, winery, national park, historical monument, every part of the world is a story waiting to be told. Elaine regularly interview viticulturists, winemakers, distillers, chefs, artisans, and small business owners to tell the story of their passions and what they are doing to share those passions with their customers. By storytelling with both photographs and words Elaine’s goal is to show a deeper side of the world of wine, spirits, food and travel.

Elaine Luxton – Drink In Nature Photography, LLC and Drink In Life Blog

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