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Drink In Life Book Club-The Vintner’s Daughter by Kristen Harnisch blog post is Live.

I am excited to announce that the Author, Kristen will be joining our virtual book club discussion on Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST.

The Wine Sponsor for The Vintner’s Daughter is Cuvaison Estate Wines, Cuvaison has a put together a special offer for members who would like to enjoy their 2020 Estate Sauvignon Blanc, 2019 Estate Chardonnay and 2019 Estate Pinot Noir which will be paired with the upcoming recipes for this title.

Previous Book Club Titles

Drink In Life Book Club, July 1, 2021-Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. Recipes include Appalachian Withered Breakfast Greens with Sunny Egg and Apple Cinnamon Skillet Cornbread and Vanilla Riesling Peach Cobbler with Cinnamon Whipped Cream by Chef Jill as well as Merlot Pickled Beet & Herb Goat Cheese Bruschetta by Elaine.

Welcome to the Drink In Life Book Club, June 1, 2021-The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Recipes include Gin Infused Kurobuta Pork Chops and Gin Thyme Apple Cake by Elaine and Potato Peel Pie Stacks, Spiced Brown Butter Honey Roasted Carrots by Chef Jill.

About Drink In Life Book Club

Readers of Drink In Life Blog may or may not know this but, I love reading! I tried hard to think of when exactly my passion for reading started, but all I remember is it was about the summer after 5th grade. I recall those summer days, hunkering down in the cool basement with a glass of Kool Aid, a PB&J sandwich and a huge pile of books checked out from the library. That summer I absolutely fell in the love with reading, and it turned into a lifelong page turning adventure. I know that many of you have a similar story. How many of you remember the first book you stayed up through the night reading because you just couldn’t put it down?

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a decline in the amount of fiction reading I do, many of the book titles that sit on my nightstand are wine, food or travel non-fiction books. Add in a busy work schedule, blog writing, social media and of course my family, and it is no wonder that time to read has been sharply diminished. Although I am very lucky and thankful for these things that make my life so exciting, I wanted to make a small goal mid-year to be a little more committed to the reading of fiction. This means actually making time for reading, instead of just waiting for the free time to appear. So I hatched a plan to start the Drink In Life Book Club!

Promoting a Love of Literature

Here’s how it will work: On the1st of each month I will be posting not only information about the book and author, but supplemental books that go with the general theme of the book, wines or cocktails to accompany the discussion, as well as recipes from myself and Chef Jill Sonlin that are inspired by the titles.

On the third or fourth weekend of each month (date to be determined according to the month) we will gather on Zoom and share our thoughts about the book, the wine or cocktails and the recipes are paired with the books. Be sure to sign up below to receive email notifications of new blog posts to keep up with announcements for the book club each month. Then comment on the book club post each month that you would like to join in on the discussion. You will receive an email invitation only for the months that you comment on the blog post.

A Hunger for more than Literature

A Hunger for Literature can bring a group of booklovers together, but the addition of delicious food, wine and cocktail pairings is the best way to prevent talking about books on an empty stomach. On the book club announcement each month We will be including a collection of recipes, wines and cocktails that are a perfect combination with the selected book title. I said We because each month Chef Jill Sonlin of Jill’s Gourmet Dreams will be collaborating with me to bring you some of her amazing original recipes. Jill and I hope to find fun ways to link food to each reading selection so that as book club members you have a chance to connect with the literature, try a couple of new recipes and spice up the book discussions.

Meet Jill Sonlin…

For over 30 years Jill has been a Registered Nurse, who worked for many years on a busy adult medical-surgical unit in a trauma hospital. Jill has also worked with many local charities including Habitat For Humanity, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Meals on Wheels, helping numerous disadvantaged people get the support they need with money, food, clothing, and housing.

“Throughout the years I have also
supplied many local charities with my donated catering services and food for their events. In the last decade, I have worked as a medical-surgical dermatology nurse simultaneously while attending French Culinary School. Fresh out of culinary school
I focused my work as a dinner Chef in a popular farm to table upscale restaurant. I created many recipes for the nightly specials menu that were highly favored by our customer base, and excited many in the community to come to the restaurant for a taste of my newest creations. I’ve also received two national Chef award recognitions; one winning for a duck recipe contest while in culinary school, and one as Top 20 best original burger recipes in a prestigious national James Beard Blended Burger contest in 2018 for working Chefs. I finished proudly at #14 out of 300 highly skilled Chefs across America.”

In the next phase of her dual career as a Nurse-Chef, Jill is busy doing custom gourmet food art, catering, recipe development, and cooking classes. “I also passionately work with cancer patients and families, as well as cancer support groups, in teaching important nutritional information for health and healing before, during, and after cancer treatments. I also teach how to make easy, delicious, and healthy recipes that can help boost overall health and wellness.”

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