“Elaine at Drink Nature Photography is a pleasure to work with. She possesses a unique eye and does amazing outdoor product photography. She’s great at capturing the essence of my brand and placing it in a natural setting. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for unique and creative product photography.”
Taylor Pfaff
CEO at Left Coast Estate

“We’ve been avid fans of Elaine’s Drink in Nature Photography project on Instagram and were THRILLED when she agreed to accept a couple of our bottles for consideration last fall. The photos she took were positively stunning and it’s been a treat to use them in our own social media and website outlets. To our tremendous surprise, she enjoyed our wines so much she included us on her list when she came to tour the Willamette Valley a few months later. As easy as she is to work with from a distance, Elaine is even more of a delight to work with in person. She asked thoughtful questions about the winemaking process and resulting wine, while taking absolutely gorgeous photos during the tasting we shared with her. It was an honor to be featured on her blog and in her Instagram feed. Her tasting notes and reflections on the experience were tremendously appreciated. We are excited to hopefully get the opportunity to work with her again this Fall when we ship her our newest releases. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” -Sara Pearson Specter, Chief Marketing Officer, Bells Up Winery

“Elaine was such a delight to host at The Newbergundian Bistro. Professional, sincere and incredibly talented, we appreciate her paying us a visit and hope it won’t be long before she comes back again! Her blog is not only a delight to the eye but very well written and a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about place & plate. Thank you so much Elaine!” -Noelle McKee, Owner The Newbergundian Bistro

“I have long loved poring over Elaine’s stunning photographs and was beyond delighted to have our wines poured into her sublime Drink in Nature tableaux! Elaine is a pleasure to work with in every way. She is extremely professional and thoughtful in her work and in the way she communicates. She has such a great eye and ability to capture beauty in nature, in wine and in words. We so appreciate the way Elaine is able to highlight the natural beauty of our wines in harmony with the natural beauty of the unspoiled landscapes she chooses, and we look forward to working with her again!” -Amy Grable, Owner & Winemaker, Grable Vineyards

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