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Exploring the Umpqua Valley-Off the Beaten Path

This final installment wraps up my series on the Umpqua Valley in Southern Oregon, previous articles include Oregon’s Umpqua Valley Wine Region and Oregon’s Umpqua Wine Region- Part 2. The picturesque Umpqua Valley is a region known for its natural beauty, rich history, exceptional… Continue Reading “Exploring the Umpqua Valley-Off the Beaten Path”

Oregon’s Umpqua Valley Wine Region-Part Two

In part one of my Umpqua Valley Wine series, Oregon’s Umpqua Valley Wine Region, I wrote about the history of the Umpqua Valley Wine Region, the Umpqua Valley AVA, the Elkton AVA and a few of the wineries found within the Elkton AVA. In… Continue Reading “Oregon’s Umpqua Valley Wine Region-Part Two”