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“Everything has changed and yet, I am more me than I’ve ever been.” -Iain Thomas

“Inspiration” is how I think of blogging, a place to share ideas and things discovered. But, there comes a time when a break is needed and although it was at first not intentional, I ended up taking a break from writing this blog as well as from all social media. I went cold turkey because I knew it would be the only way to bring the change that I craved. The change that I needed. Taking a sabbatical changed my life. I feel like I am much more intentional with the actions that I take, and I am able to focus on what I truly enjoy doing as well as finding space in each day to just focus. What I discovered is space to focus is truly a wonderful thing for a creative mind.

Now it is time to dive back in and start writing again. There is still so much to share and new posts will be up soon.

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