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What words would you use to describe your mom? Beautiful, brilliant, caring, funny, giving? No matter how you describe your mom, she deserves to be celebrated. As Mother’s Day inches closer (it’s May 9th) now is the time to let your mom know how much you appreciate everything she does with a special gift. Even if she says “I already have everything I need” consider getting her a gift that equals her generosity, a Mother’s Day gift that will not only make her smile but one that gives back and helps others as well.

For the mom who likes to “wine” down and who is passionate about making the world a better place there is a Washington Rosé that can take care of both of those requests, Rosé for Cure from Mastrogiannis Distillery & Winery.

Every day thousands of children are diagnosed with illnesses and are fighting for their lives. As parents and small business owners, Ilias and Bojana Mastrogiannis knew that they had to do something to help the children and their families. Contemplating how to help Ilias and Bojana were inspired to start Rosé for Cure in July of 2020. Bojana told me, “During its inaugural release we came across a little girl named Sofija, who was battling a life-threatening disease. We decided to donate 100% of our wine sales to her family to help raise money for her medical treatment.”

The Mastrogiannis’ like to say that “Children are our future!”

Bojana shared, “This is one of the slogans that they started using with the belief that each child, especially those battling illness, deserves a chance in life. They should be able to grow up and have their dreams become a reality and some may even change the world!”

The outpouring of gratitude and the family’s relief for the support prompted them to extend the initiative and help more children. Rosé for Cure now donates 10% of every bottle sold directly to a sick child and their family with funds given out every six months. Keeping the needs of their families in mind, Rosé for Cure donates its proceeds directly to families with no strings attached or requirement for how the funds are allocated. Unconditional cash transfers (UCTs) are ideal as they allow for flexibility in accommodating the financial needs of families as they navigate illness.

“When we did our initial fundraiser we got a huge response and lots of support, and the momentum has only continued with Rosé for Cure. We are hopeful that by spreading the word about our cause we will succeed in supporting a lot of families.” -Bojana Mastrogiannis

To Cure A Rose

During the month of April 2021, the Mastrogiannis’ are donating 100% of their Rosé sales in addition to the $1,800 they have already raised to the ‘To Cure A Rose Foundation’. To Cure A Rose Foundation was started by Casey McPherson to help his 5 year old dauthger, Rose and other children who are battling a rare genetic disease called HNRNPH2. There is currently no cure for HNRNPH2, but Casey has connected with research scientists to help him find a cure for this disease.

HNRNPH2 is a rare genetic condition involving a gene on the X chromosome. It encodes the protein HNRNPH2 that helps gene messaging inside the cell, a function fundamental to brain development. Symptoms start soon after birth, and often worsen over time. Children with this disorder experience developmental delays, intellectual disability, autism symptoms, tone abnormalities and seizures. They struggle to connect to their parents and siblings, to attend school, to tolerate sounds and sensations of everyday life. They lack the words to communicate their feelings, and scream without stopping, unable to explain why. Many of these children degenerate over time and sadly some of the children die young.

The cost for this ground-breaking research is $4 million to work toward a treatment for Rose and other children like her who currently have no hope. To help raise the money needed you can purchase Rosé for Cure and they will donate 100% of the sales towards Rose’s Cure this month or if you would like to support directly you can make a donation to Rose’s Go Fund Me Page.

Giving back by purchasing a bottle of Rosé for Cure is simple, you buy a delicious Washington Rosé that you can give as a gift or enjoy yourself.

Photo Credit-Rosé for Cure

To date Rosé for Cure has donated $2840 and their hope is to continue to see this charity contribution increase over the coming years.

Rosé for Cure

Proudly made in Washington State, Rosé for Cure works with Washington grape growers based on their sustainable farming practices and the unique regions in which they grow their grapes. The 2019 Vintage showcases grapes sourced from the Horse Heaven Hills AVA in the Yakima Valley and is predominantly Syrah-based, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and a splash of Pinot Gris. Current produced of Rosé for Cure is 160 cases but there are plans to increase this in the coming years.

Rosé for Cure’s key to sourcing for their Rosé is to ensure that it has low sulfites and a dry style in order to adhere to the type of wine that they like to drink in our family.

“Rosé For Cure is considered a dry style Rosé that shows off an attractive pale color of pink cotton candy and an intense nose bursting with aromas of white peach, juicy melon, delicious citrus and some floral, spicy and herbal notes. a well-balanced wine with lively mid-palate and a soft, round mouthfeel that lingers with notes of pink grapefruit and mixed berries. has aromas of white peach, melon and citrus. With floral and herbal notes, the rosé finishes with the taste of pink grapefruit and mixed berries.”

When I asked Bojana why they decide to start with a Rose’ as their ‘For Cure’ wine she shared;

“It was due to our first inaugural Rosé that we decided to use Rosé as our main wine to drive our cause. Rosé has become such a versatile wine–our family enjoys it year-round as it pairs great with a variety of food from spicy Indian dishes to a Greek Gyro!”

This purposeful gift will please any Mom on the receiving end, while also providing children and their parents a little much needed support.

Available on the Mastrogiannis Website, you can choose from:

  • 3 Bottles for $39
  • 6 Bottles for $78
  • 12 Bottles for $156

Rosé for Cure is available to ship to 39 states and they offer a $15 flat rate fee for both WA and out-of-state shipments. They ship directly from their winery for Washington State orders, for sales out-of-state, they have partnered with VinoShipper. All shipments come in a 100% recyclable package.

After a successful campaign with Rosé for Cure I asked Bojana what they are most excited about this year. “We are really excited to grow our Rosé for Cure cause as we believe it’s really an impactful way to give back using unconditional cash contributions for maximum impact to the family and child. We are also excited to release our first red wine and a very special grape brandy produced from a cool-climate grape sourced just outside the Puget Sound AVA.”

Mastrogiannis Distillery & Winery

Mastrogiannis Distillery’s motto for their business is the Greek word ‘Meraki.’ Meraki doesn’t have a direct translation into English but it can be roughly translated into the soul, creativity and love we put into everything we do, regardless of the task at hand. In their family they say “Meraki into everything we do,” which for the Mastrogiannis’ translates into high-quality, grape-based spirits and wine with a lot of soul and love!

Bojana and Ilias Mastrogiannis

Growing up in Greece where winemaking and distilliation is part of life, the idea to start a distillery and eventually a winery came to Ilias Mastrogiannis on a rainy Seattle day during a return commute from work on a bus. With winemaking equipment that he had inherited from his dad, llias initially set a simple goal, to make better wine than his dad. So, he begun with purchasing grapes and all the necessary equipment to make quality wine. Over the years llias’ hobby grew, and soon he began thinking about planting his own small block vineyard and making really good wine from both the families own grapes and purchased grapes.

Following this dream today Mastrogiannis makes Greek-Inspired Wine & Spirits using 100% grapes. Spirits and Wine with simple but quality ingredients that they would be proud to serve at their family table and recipes that pay tribute to their roots and family heritage. Mastrogiannis is proud to bring their original Greek recipe to the United States as well as being the only distillery that produces and bottles it here, in the U.S., using old school techniques and local ingredients with zero artificial flavors.

Mastrogiannis Rakomelo made with Grape Distillate, Washington Wildflower Honey, Grape Distillate, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Cloves. Available for $34.99

Mastrogiannis Rakomelo is a brandy liqueur that is derived from a grape distillate and infused with local Washington wildflower honey, real (Ceylon) cinnamon and a touch of cloves. The recipe comes from the island of Crete in Greece where Rakomelo is considered a staple. With just enough sweetness and balance from the spices of cinnamon and cloves, this extremely smooth brandy liqueur is a real crowd-pleasing drink that can be enjoyed all year round!

It is also wonderful to just sip alone, or on the rocks with a touch of soda and a twist of orange. For a summer treat try chilling it down and serve it over ice with a fresh orange peel!

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