Month: March 2019

The Snoqualmie Valley Wine Experience

“Never pass up new experiences, Scarlett. They enrich the mind.” Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind                  Located just 30 miles East of Seattle, The Snoqualmie Valley is a farming and tourist destination located along the Snoqualmie… Continue Reading “The Snoqualmie Valley Wine Experience”

Cooking with Chardonnay

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf Many of us have opened a bottle of wine while we are cooking up a meal, pouring some for ourselves into a glass and adding a splash to… Continue Reading “Cooking with Chardonnay”

Saying Goodbye to the Winter Blues with Blueberries

I am fortunate to live in a town that has one of the best You Pick Blueberry Farms in the state of Washington. Each year around the first of August Bybee Farms Blueberry Farm opens for a short season that usually only lasts about… Continue Reading “Saying Goodbye to the Winter Blues with Blueberries”